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Upright Basses

Upright Bass rentals Boston MA

 Karl Meisel Geigen 3/4 scale

1920′s Juzek 3/4 Scale

Englehart US Laminate 3/4 Scale Plywood

Jaques Gagnon 3/4 Scale 4 String

All upright basses are equipped with David Gage realist pickups and Fishman Full Circle pickups.


Christopher 400 Series Prominence

Deering Good Time Banjo

Upright Bass Rentals

Gretsch Dobro

Upright Bass Rentals

Martin BC-15e Acoustic (Fishman Prefix)


David Gage Realist Transducer
Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup
Fishman BP100 Upright Bass Pickup
Upton Bass Pickup