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Have a question? Browse through our FAQ’s to see if it’s been covered- otherwise,
feel free to email or call us (781) 740-6600 with your inquiry and we’ll be happy to help!

What if I don’t know what I need to run my event?

Sounds like you’re going to want to call us, (781) 740-6600.

Ask for rentals department, describe your event and one of our employees will be happy to help you put together the right package of gear to suit your needs. Top



Should I call or email my quote request?

We recommend you choose whichever method works best for you.

However, many times our clients will have artist riders that are too long to be discussed over the phone. If this is the case for you, emailing any/all documents relevant to your needs is most likely the best way to go.  Of course, feel free to follow up your email request with a phone call to make sure we have received it. Top



I have an artist rider, where can I submit it to get a quote?

You may email all artist riders to Please specify the date/location as well as any other useful information  (ie: best time to contact you, budgetary issues…) so we can produce an accurate quote. Top



Why are there no prices listed on your website?

Bergsten Music does not list rental prices online simply because each and every rental is different and may call for rate adjustments. Different factors will affect the cost of any given rental- from duration of use, delivery/pick-up, to on-site sound engineers & more.

We feel the best way to serve our clientele is by providing free customized quotes, covering expected costs of all requested services right from the start. This not only prevents our clients from wasting time totaling inaccurate estimates, but it expedites the rental process for everyone involved. Top



If I ask for a quote, do I have to commit to the rental?

When you request a free quote, there is no obligation or commitment.

However, if you opt to move forward with the rental- or, ‘confirm’ it – we assume you have committed and begin preparing your order.  We recommend you are familiar with our cancellation policy before confirming all rentals with us. Under certain circumstances, fees may be applicable should you need to cancel. Top




What is your cancellation policy?

Listed below is a breakdown of our cancellation policy:

–       Cancellation 48 hours in advance of the load-in date will not result in any charges or fees UNLESS we have incurred costs on your behalf. In which case, you will be responsible for covering said charges.

–       Cancellation 24 hours in advance of the load-in date– Client will be responsible for 25% of the quoted rental amount to cover preparation costs plus the full amount owed for any/all incurred costs from special orders & requests.

–       Cancellation the night before the load-in date- Client will be responsible for 50% of the quoted rental amount to cover preparation, labor and crew costs- plus the full amount owed for any/all incurred costs from special orders & requests.

–       Cancellation the day of the load-in date (whether we’re on location with the gear or not)- Client will be responsible for 100% of the quoted rental amount to cover preparation, labor, crew & delivery costs- including the full amount owed for any/all incurred costs from special orders & requests.

If you are hosting an event outdoors, please provide a rain date when arranging your rental.  Events that need to be cancelled due to weather without a scheduled rain date will incur the same fees described above.




What if I’m not qualified to operate the gear I need to rent?

Certain rentals, mostly concerning Pro Audio equipment, may require one of our qualified field technicians to be on site for drop off, set & pickup (unless they have been hired to run sound, in which case they’re there for the duration of the event).

We cannot send gear without confirmation that it will be handled/operated with proper care- and will need to insist on including a Bergsten tech if necessary. 



“I/we/the artist I represent broke your…. “

If our instruments/gear return from your event damaged, you will be held responsible and therefore obligated to cover the cost of repair.  Similarly, if anything is lost/stolen- you will be held responsible and therefore obligated to cover the cost of its replacement.

Our techs check & test every item that leaves our warehouse and they inspect everything that comes back. This system enables us to closely monitor & maintain the condition of our inventory, and allows us to confidently determine when and where any/all damage occurred. Top



If something I need isn’t listed on your site, am I out of luck?

Depending on what you’re searching for, we may be able to purchase or sub-rent the item in question. At the very least we should be able to recommend another local business that can point you in the right direction.

Always ask! We are constantly adding to our inventory and sometimes those items don’t make it up on the site right away.