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 Photos from Ted 2 trailer

Did you know? 99% of our rental inventory can be used as props for your film!
Browse around our website for the items that could be of use to you- and give us a call! 

Over the years Bergsten Music has become a great resource for production companies in search of backline, lighting and sound props for film and television. Whether it be a wedding reception, concert or party scene – we have the gear to make it look realistic! Massachusetts is a popular location for movie shoots,  and we are always happy to provide our services and extensive inventory to meet the needs of the film.

Bergsten Music is conveniently located just 20 minutes away from the Southfield Hangar Movie Studio in South Weymouth  and less than 45 minutes from Downtown Boston.

Making movies is a complicated process but finding the props doesn’t have to be!  Feel free to engage in a discussion regarding your options, request images of our gear before committing to the rental, and ask for one of our techs to deliver everything to the set so your production assistants can stay on task.  Let us help simplify things!

Photos from Grown Ups 2


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