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Mesa Boogie Guitar Amplifier rentals Boston MA

Mesa Boogie Guitar Amplifiers
Dual Rectifier Trem-o-verb
Dual Rectifier 3 Channel 100
Stiletto Trident 150
Triple Rectifier
Lonestar 50 Combo 1×12″
Lonestar 50 Combo 2×12″
Mark III
Mark IV

Open Back Cabinet 1×12″
Horizontal Rectifier 2×12″ (Celstion 90’s)
Stereo Rectifier 4×12″ Slant Traditional (Vintage 30’s)
Stereo Rectifier 4×12″ Slant Classic (Vintage 30’s)
Stereo Recifier 4×12″ Straight Traditional (Celestion 90’s)

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Bergsten Music

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We are located just 25 minutes South of Boston right off of Route 3.

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