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Cymbal rentals made easy by Bergsten Music.

If you are searching for a specific brand or series that  you don’t see listed here, please let us know and we’ll do our best to assist you.

cymbal rentals

“Modern drummers and percussionists can choose from models that range from vintage to modern, from dark to bright, from traditional to downright eclectic.”

cymbal rentals

 “One of the longest lived musical instrument manufacturers in the world, Zildjian cymbals have been available since 1623 and have continued a long family tradition of superior quality and industry-leading performance for almost 300 years.”

cymbal rentals

 “Only MEINL uses 6 different alloys for crafting cymbals, which is more than any other cymbal maker is using today.”

cymbal rentals

“Drummers and percussionists speak many musical languages and actively perform in several genres, our design is programmed to keep up these trends”

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