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Spotlight: 1976 Fender Telecaster

1976 Fender Telecaster

Fender Telecaster Rental The Fender Telecaster (nicknamed “Tele”) is a dual-pickup, solid-body electric guitar.  Commercial production can be traced back to March 1950 and hasn’t stopped since.  The Tele was the first solid body design known to the masses and took several years to develop. This guitar has been known for use in the country and rock genres but has been present in the blues and jazz genres as well.

The design was geared for mass production and was constructed in such a way that would simplify the process of servicing them. The bodies were band-sawn from slabs, not hand-carved. The classic Telecaster neck was fashioned from a single piece of maple and the frets were slid directly into the side of it’s surface (highly untraditional at the time). Components were produced quickly in quantity and an assembly line would piece the guitar together, they were not individually constructed. The electronics were easily accessible on their removable/replaceable control plate- and proved to be a huge advantage over typical construction.

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