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Spotlight: CDJ-2000nexus


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  • Send music files stored on smart phones, tablets*1 and computers*1 as well as other various devices via Wi-Fi/LAN/USB cable connections.
  • “SYNC MASTER” function enables playback with matching master clock of DJM-2000nexus to beat of CDJ-2000nexus’s music. In addition, also features “BEAT SYNC” to match the best of the music instantly between the players.
  • “TRAFFIC LIGHT” function enables to easily check which songs are in a key that is compatible with the music being played.
  • Shows at a glance the channel status (On-air status, channel number).
  • The Quantize function enables to apply beat effects perfectly synchronizing the music tempo.
  • DJs can play from two rekordbox™ laptops for easy changeover and back to back play.
  • Sample microphone input and master output and immediately play/scratch it back on the CJD-2000nexus/CDJ-2000/CDJ-900
  • Monitor music files in rekordbox™ through DJ mixer cue.