Boston Music Awards 2014

We’re always excited to help out with this event! December 14th, the 27th annual Boston Music Awards will be taking place at the Revere Hotel in Boston. As always, the event will feature some of the area’s emerging as well as established performers within a wide spectrum of genres, ranging from Rock, Pop, Blues, Metal, Punk, Indie, Americana, International, Jazz and so much more.

For those who are unfamiliar, musicians, producers and industry professionals with strong ties to New England are nominated by a large musically diverse committee, who then allow the general public to help determine the winners of their respective category. The committee, 172 members – is composed of highly valued music industry professionals:

–      47 Music Editors/Journalists who have been published in hundreds of publications across the US
–        28 Promoters and Agents who have booked thousands of shows in local venues
–        19 Radio Programmers and DJs representing a diverse group of genres
–        15 Music Business Executives – Retail, Online, etc.
–        14 Music Promotions/Publicists
–        12 Artist Managers
–        11 Music Producers
–        8 Tour Managers
–        8 Music Attorneys
–        6 Label Executives
–        4 Professors of Music

Voting has closed, but we hope you will keep an eye out within the local music scene this coming year so you can help influence the results for 2015. This all-volunteer organization works year round to ensure the artists that create in Boston are recognized for their contributions to our community and is well worth supporting.

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