Local Music News: Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory to Merge

Two of the best music schools in the country are soon to join forces. Berklee College of Music, founded in 1945 and Boston Conservatory, founded in 1967- announced last year that their programs would be merging. Only recently have we come to learn this will be effective in or around June 2016.

Conveniently, the two campuses are just a couple blocks away from each other near Fenway which will undoubtedly aid the students traveling back and forth.  Berklee will retain its name and the Conservatory will become known as the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Separate admissions processes and financial aid will continue for now, but facilities, programs and faculty will be accessible to students from each institution. Students will also be able to transfer between programs and even pursue joint degrees.

Conservatory students will benefit from the new access to performance traditions of other cultures and genres as well as contemporary ‘digital infrastructure’. Currently, Berklee students don’t have access to a music theater program, or a classical music program. While the two schools were never in direct competition, they will be able to attract more musicians and offer a diversified experience to all those who enroll.

Without a doubt, this merger will create a “powerhouse” of sorts for Boston in terms of music, theater and dance.


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